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All Time Classic

A handful of classic finished styles that have been best sellers and fan favorites. Bold, beautifully coloured arm candy that tops off any outfit.

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Caribbean Tiles

Banded bracelets Summer 2021 Collection is here and blooming in the Tropics. Color palettes inspired by our love for the richness and tranquility of the all things around the equator.

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This collection is inspired by the love we have for the passion flower and its wild array of robust shapes and otherworldly color combinations.

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Mediterranean Tiles

These vibrant tile designs take inspiration from the middle sea, and our love for this gorgeous region. We love these deep, rich color toned sunset hues and the mandala patterns that encapsulate them. 

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2 Toned Metallics

A collection of our best selling 2 toned patterns. Black and white through the night, let these patterns guide you to the light.

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All Time Metallics

A collection of our best selling metallic styles. Sparkling color combinations to set the tone.

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In the tradition of keeping things simple, our Simplicities collection are solid colored metallic finished Banded's. They compliment and stack well with our patterns and styles. The sure shot feel good nostalgic accessory.

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Flora Atomica

We traveled to the moon to bring back its essence with these space age beauties. And much like the night-blooming Cereus, these breath new life in the moonlight.

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Stained Glass Leaves

Our Stained Glass Leaves is a botanically encapsulating collection that sparkles its way around your wrists, making its way into your heart.

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Japanese Garden

A collection of Japanese woodblock inspired patterns with a metallic finish.

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4 widths 2 finishes

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