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Banded Blossom

Banded Spring CollectionWir stellen unsere neueste Kollektion "Banded Blossom" vor, eine atemberaubende Reihe von Armbändern, die von der lebendigen Wiedergeburt der Natur im Frühling inspiriert sind. Jedes Stück dieser Kollektion ist eine Hommage an die zarte Schönheit und die filigranen Details der Frühlingsblumen und soll einen Hauch von natürlicher Gelassenheit und Schönheit in Ihren Alltag bringen.

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Unsere "Azulejos"-Kollektion ist von der reichen Tradition der Azulejo-Fliesen der iberischen Halbinsel inspiriert und fängt die vielseitigen, geometrischen Muster und leuchtenden Farben der berühmten Keramikfliesen ein. Mit dieser Serie verneigen wir uns vor der Kunstfertigkeit des jahrhundertealten Azulejo-Handwerks.

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The Individualist

Big, bold & unfraid to make a statement. Take a walk with us as we break down the psychology of shapes in a modern world with these vintage graphic design inspired patterns.

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Simply Hearts ♥️ 2024

Banded's Valentines Day Collection for 2024. Wear your heart on your sleeve with these cuties.



Hand crafting a unique and striking homage to the vibrant tradition of Día de los Muertos, it pays homage to the ancient Mexican celebration of life and death. A blend of tradition and contemporary style that speaks volumes about the beauty of life and the power of memories.



Introducing our enchanting "Wonderland" collection, a celebration of vintage amusement parks that transports you to a bygone era of wonder and joy. Inspired by the nostalgic charm of merry-go-rounds, ferris wheels, and whimsical attractions, this collection captures the essence of a carefree and magical time. 


Metropolis Berlin - Winter 23/24

Step into the enchanting world of Metropolis. Bandeds take on 1920's Berlin. A tribute to the golden age of glamour, jazz, and Art Deco opulence. Each piece in this collection is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the roaring twenties, a time when creativity, rebellion, and elegance were in abundance.



Vom fruchtbaren Nildelta über die endlosen Dünen der Sahara bis zum Kap der guten Hoffnung – geh mit uns auf eine botanische Reise durch die exotischen Landschaften Afrikas und entdecke die explodierende Farbenpracht der einzigartigen Blumenwelt.


Caravan of Love

“Caravan of Love” is an addition to the Forever Summer collection and is dedicated to our longing for travel and thirst for adventure.

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Caribbean Tiles

Banded bracelets Caribbean Tiles is here and blooming in the Tropics. Color palettes inspired by our love for the richness and tranquility of the all things around the equator.

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Passiflora & Forever Summer

This collection is inspired by the love we have for the passion flower and its wild array of robust shapes and otherworldly color combinations.

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All Time Classic

A handful of classic finished styles that have been best sellers and fan favorites. Bold, beautifully coloured arm candy that tops off any outfit.

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2 Toned Metallics

A collection of our best selling 2 toned patterns. Black and white through the night, let these patterns guide you to the light.

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All Time Metallics

A collection of our best selling metallic styles. Sparkling color combinations to set the tone.

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In the tradition of keeping things simple, our Simplicities collection are solid colored metallic finished Banded's. They compliment and stack well with our patterns and styles. The sure shot feel good nostalgic accessory.

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Flora Atomica

We traveled to the moon to bring back its essence with these space age beauties. And much like the night-blooming Cereus, these breath new life in the moonlight.

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Stained Glass Leaves

Our Stained Glass Leaves is a botanically encapsulating collection that sparkles its way around your wrists, making its way into your heart.

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Japanese Garden

A collection of Japanese woodblock inspired patterns with a metallic finish.

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Banded POS displays

Our fully customisable Point of sale display for all your banded display needs.

Display solutions

4 widths 2 finishes

Banded Bracelets

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